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WindowSlider 1.3.3

Date: 27 Sep 2015

Fixed bug in spatial (left/right) window switching: on Windows 10 it sometimes took several clicks to switch to the next window (looked like extra invisible windows were between them).

WindowSlider 1.3.2

Date: 19 Sep 2015

On Windows 10 an empty area (sized as desktop) was inserted into the arranged windows creating a gap. Now it's fixed.

WindowSlider 1.3.1

Date: 13 Aug 2015

Some applications behave weirdly when their windows completely go out of screen. Now this issue has been resolved.

WindowSlider 1.3

Date: 28 Mar 2014

Functionality for windows arrangement became available in the free version WindowSlider. So now WindowSlider 1.3 fully covers both WindowSlider 1.2 and WindowSlider Plus 1.2 and doesn't require any activation keys.

WindowSlider and WindowSlider Plus 1.2

Date: 22 Dec 2012

Changes in WindowSlider:

Changes in WindowSliderPlus:

Free keys for WindowSlider Plus

Date: 12 Aug 2012

Now you can get 3-months activation key for free. This may (and likely will) change in future.

WindowSlider and WindowSlider Plus 1.1

Date: 30 Jun 2012

Changes in WindowSlider:

Changes in WindowSliderPlus:

WindowSlider and WindowSlider Plus 1.0

Date: 23 Mar 2012

After long delay WindowsSlider gets version 1.0 and a sibling - WindowSlider Plus.

The new product WindowSlider Plus makes next step in usage of infinitely wide desktop space - it automatically arranges windows in this space and updates the arrangement when a window is closed or opened.

Changes in WindowSlider:

Version 0.4

Date: 27 Dec 2011

Version 0.3

Date: 12 Dec 2011

Version 0.2

Date: 09 Dec 2011

Version 0.1

Date: 28 Nov 2011