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WindowSlider: interface

Sliding happens when you:

When WindowSlider starts, it arranges currently open windows in a row and maintains this arrangement. When a new window is opened, it's inserted to the right of the currently active window, other windows move to free space. When a window is closed, gap left after it is collapsed.

When you want to change order of windows, drag one of them towards that position and drop it there. Alternatively you can use shortcuts (configurable).

When windows are arranged in a row, it becomes possible to provide a more intuitive way to switch between windows - to the left and to the right. There is a pair of buttons on top of the screen and keyboard shortcuts.

All keyboard shortcuts are configurable - right click WindowSlider tray icon and select "Configure".

You can disable various features individually at configuration window.

It's possible to temporarily disable WindowSlider completely (e.g. during gaming). For this double click WindowSlider tray icon or right click WindowSlider tray icon and select "Disable". To enable double click again or select "Enable".

If you have suggestions for making interface more convenient, leave me a note here.